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A healthy landscape provides the perfect outdoor get-away right outside your door.

As winter is coming to an end and the trees are beginning to bloom, we are starting the Spring Horticulture Oil Treatments for the Plant Health Care (PHC) program. For us in Southeast Michigan PHC is a year round challenge. It starts in the winter time with proactive pruning and/or removals as needed. This dormant time work greatly reduces the threat for new pest outbreaks. Then usually sometime around March several damaging insets are awakening from the winter and now begin feeding on your landscape. During the months of April all the way until October,

Michigan is plagued by many types of insects and diseases that if left untreated can and will devastate the trees, shrubs and flowers within your landscapes ecosystem.
A successful PHC program requires an arborist, who has the skill set and the passion, to service your landscape with the greatest of care and safety. Timing is everything! Contact us at 586-756-7737 or CustomerCare@BranchTree.com for an evaluation of your “outdoor home”.


  • Tree Pruning
  • Shrub Pruning & Tree Trimming
  • Total Removal for Trees and Shrubs with Stump Grinding
  • Complete Service Treatment For Insect, Disease & Damaging Threats
  • Tree and Shrub Root Fertilizing
  • Tree Surgery Including, Root Repair, Damaged Tissue Clean-up, Canker Removal
  • Hazardous Tree Evaluation
  • Tree and Shrub Planting
  • Complete Landscape Restoration & Makeovers
  • Tree Integrity Cabling & Rod Bracing

Branch Tree & Landscape Service Cares for our earth!

Trees and shrubs make up a large and important part of our landscape. All trees (ornamental, fruit and shade type) need strategic pruning from time to time to be as healthy as possible. Regular pruning better equips the trees immune system to fight off pest and cultural threats. Branch Tree & Landscape Service has several in-house tree and shrub specialists, each one a tree doctor in the field of horticultural maintenance, using their expertise to craft exquisite landscapes for you to enjoy. For over 30 years, we have provided families, municipalities and

corporations with the highest quality tree and landscape service in the industry.
The sublime return of an outdoor investment is found in the incredible value of a healthy, safe and beautiful landscape, savored throughout many seasons. Let us help your trees continued growth. From storm damage to fertilization, from pruning to removal – our team provides the customer service you expect with certified arborists who have the knowledge to consult with you. Call us today at 586-756-7737!

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