Plant Health Care

Maintain or improve your landscape’s appearance, health and vitality concerning trees, shrubs and other plants in the most cost effective and environmentally-friendly way possible.

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Tree & Shrub Services

Provide complete tree and shrub maintenance programs. We are your tree specialists ready to answer questions and solve problems. Spring, summer, fall, and winter are all great times to care for your trees and shrubs.

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Lawn & Landscape Services

Lawns that are maintained properly through environmentally-friendly regular care with renewed beneficial natural organisms in the soil will make your grass greener and our environment healthier.

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We Care About Your Trees, Shrubs and Lawn

Trees and shrubs make up a large and important part of our landscape. All trees need strategic pruning from time to time to be as healthy as possible. Regular pruning better equips the trees immune system to fight off pest and cultural threats. Branch Tree & Landscape Service has several in-house tree and shrub specialists, each one a tree doctor in the field of horticultural maintenance, using their expertise to care for and craft exquisite landscapes for you to enjoy. For over 30 years, we have provided families, municipalities and corporations with the highest quality tree and landscape service in the industry.

The sublime return of an outdoor investment is found in the incredible value of a healthy, safe and beautiful landscape, savored throughout many seasons. Let us help your trees continued growth. From storm damage to fertilization, from pruning to removal – our team provides the customer service you expect with certified arborists who have the knowledge to consult with you.

  • Michael | Warren, MI

    "The two flowering trees in my back yard were treated last year and once this year. The budding is almost double from previous years. Thanks for saving/improving my trees!"

  • Catherine | Southfield, MI

    "I have used Branch Tree Service for over 25 years. The continued excellent service and my yearly agreement should say that I believe I receive excellence."

  • Charles | Northville, MI

    "My trees have never looked better!"

  • James | Berkley, MI

    "Excellent job all around, don't know of anything Branch Tree could have done better. Met my expectations and then some!"

  • Laura | Warren, MI

    "Branch Tree Service could do nothing better! Jennifer is excellent! She's so caring, knowledgeable, and efficient!"

Boxwood Leafminer

As our arborists and techs conduct their Plant Health Care treatments, they are noticing quite a few leaf blisters in boxwoods. These blisters contain the young larvae of […]

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Cankers are localized dead areas of bark in trees and shrubs caused by fungi and bacterial infection. Canker pathogens can cause branches and twigs to die or be […]

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Use Mowers Carefully Around Your Trees

Use mowers and string trimmers carefully around your trees and shrubs. Routine lawn care can cause high-impact damage to the protective bark of trees and shrubs. A tree’s […]

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