Healthy living for your landscape

Plant Health Care

Maintain or improve your landscape’s appearance, health and vitality concerning trees, shrubs and other plants in the most cost effective and environmentally-friendly way possible.

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Tree & Shrub Services

Provide complete tree and shrub maintenance programs. We are your tree specialists ready to answer questions and solve problems. Spring, summer, fall, and winter are all great times to care for your trees and shrubs.

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Lawn & Landscape Services

Lawns that are maintained properly through environmentally-friendly regular care with renewed beneficial natural organisms in the soil will make your grass greener and our environment healthier.

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Healthy Living For Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs make up a large and important part of our landscape. They need strategic pruning from time to time to be as healthy as possible. Regular pruning better equips their immune system to fight off pest and cultural threats. Branch Tree & Landscape Service has several in-house tree and shrub specialists, using their expertise to care for the health and safety of your living landscape. For over 30 years, we have provided families, municipalities and corporations with the highest quality tree care service in the industry.

The sublime return of an outdoor investment is found in the incredible value of a healthy, safe and beautiful landscape, savored throughout many seasons. Let us help your trees continued growth. From storm damage to fertilization, from pruning to removal – our team provides the customer service you expect with certified arborists who have the knowledge to consult with you.


Be in the know! Once a week we send out our E-News on tree, shrub and lawn care. Stay informed on what our arborists are currently seeing and what's to come. 

  • Joe | Shelby Township, MI

    "Redbud tree and shrubs look great since I signed up with Branch."

  • Tom | Sterling Heights, MI

    "Lady that came out to treat my sycamore tree did it different than in the past. Explained the change and did "lots" of infusions into the soil. Very happy with you folks over the years. Thanks."

  • Fulvio | Bloomfield Twp, MI

    "Brad sharp eye discovered that our boxwoods are infested with leafminers and he suggested treatment. Thank you Brad."

  • Larry & Sharon | Macomb, MI

    "You folks are the best! I feel very confident in your services and have recommended you more than once. Keep up the good work!"

  • Kenneth | Warren, MI

    "Johnathan and the crew did two jobs, both outstanding, as always. Thank you!"

  • Tom & Sharon | Sterling Heights, MI

    "Tree health has improved markedly over the years with your treatment. Thanks."

  • Sam | Detroit, MI

    "Very satisfied with our tree removal. Everything went smoothly."

  • Michael | Warren, MI

    "The two flowering trees in my back yard were treated last year and once this year. The budding is almost double from previous years. Thanks for saving/improving my trees!"


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