Arborvitae require more TLC than what you might think. There are several species of arborvitae used in our Michigan landscapes. Mission, green giant, globe, upright, green […]

healthy lawns

Healthy Lawns

Dead turf can be caused by a number of reasons, including grubs, moles and salt damage. Finding the actual cause is key to solving these problems. […]

needle cast

Needle Cast

Rhizosphaera needle cast is a disease which causes premature death and casting of the needles of conifers. Blue spruce sustains the greatest damage, though the fungus […]

benefits of trees

Benefits of Trees

Most trees and shrubs in Michigan communities are planted to provide beauty and shade, but there are many benefits beyond that. • Trees combat climate change […]

soil test

Soil Test

Although trees are a dominant fixture in your landscape, they share the stage with grass, shrubs and plants. All of these have one resource in common, […]

bronze birch borer

Bronze Birch Borer

Bronze Birch Borer has been a serious pest of birch trees. Its preferred host is European white birch. Paper, yellow and gray birch are also attacked […]

Birch Leafminer

Birch Leafminers

Birch Leafminers are sawflies, which are closely related to bees and wasps, and the most common insect pest of birch trees in North America. Its preferred […]

plant diseases

Plant Diseases

Fungal, Viral or Bacterial Disease is defined as “suboptimal plant growth brought about by a continuous irritant, such as a pathogen (an organism capable of causing […]

boxwood leafminer

Boxwood Leafminer

As our arborists and techs conduct their Plant Health Care treatments, they are noticing quite a few leaf blisters in boxwoods. These blisters contain the young […]