Cankers are localized dead areas of bark in trees and shrubs caused by fungi and bacterial infection. Canker pathogens can cause branches and twigs to die […]

use mowers carefully around trees

Use Mowers Carefully Around Your Trees

Use mowers and string trimmers carefully around your trees and shrubs. Routine lawn care can cause high-impact damage to the protective bark of trees and shrubs. […]



Bagworms, thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis, feed on more than 120 species of trees and shrubs. Including most species of evergreen trees and bushes, conifers, as well as some […]

Spruce Spider Mites

Spruce Spider Mites

Spruce Spider Mites are native to North America and are one of the most destructive spider mites in the U.S. Its preferred host is spruce but […]

Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles

If you’re a rose gardener, or any type of gardener for that matter, then it’s likely you are already well acquainted with these ravenous little menaces, […]

tar spots

Tar Spots

Tar spots are one of the most common fungal infections of maple trees in our area. Like most leaf affecting fungus, it all starts in the […]

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt kills in a matter of weeks. It creeps from the top down, blocking the tree’s vascular system (tubing used to collect food and water), […]

life remodeled

Life Remodeled Detroit 2013

Branch Tree & Landscape Service donated a crew and equipment to assist in a massive six day beautification project called Life Remodeled Detroit 2013. The volunteer […]

Weak Branches and Limbs

Even healthy trees can have structural weakness needing some degree of supplemental, physical support to help reduce the risk of failure of the crown or root […]