Plant Health Care

We Care About the Health of Your Trees, Shrubs and Plants

For us in Southeast Michigan Plant Health Care (PHC) is a year round challenge. It starts in the winter time with proactive pruning and/or removals as needed. This dormant time work greatly reduces the threat for new pest outbreaks. Then usually sometime around March several damaging insects are awakening from the winter and now begin feeding on your landscape. During the months of April all the way until October, Michigan is plagued by many types of insects and diseases that if left untreated can and will devastate the trees, shrubs and flowers within your ecosystem. It is also important to remember that some insects are beneficial rather than destructive – helping with pollination or act as predators of more harmful species. Therefore, killing all insects without regard to their kind and function can actually be detrimental to the tree’s health.

Your landscape is an investment, bedding plants can be replaced in a few short weeks, a lawn a single growing season, but it can take a lifetime or more to replace a mature tree.

PHC Programs and Visual Inspection

One of our certified arborists will do a visual inspection of your property to determine which PHC program fits the needs of your particular landscape. They will visit your property to examine all the major plant groups, while observing any evidence of previous disease, pests or abiotic injury. The history is then obtained regarding the symptoms observed as well as relevant activities near the trees (trenching, excavation, chemical spills, etc.). Specific needs and concerns are then identified, research is done, if needed, to ascertain the problems observed and to formulate the appropriate treatments. If necessary the arborist will consult the industry leaders at MSU. A report is then prepared with analysis and recommendations for care.

No standard price can be given until we provide an inspection of your property because all of our PHC programs are individually designed to fit your needs.

What is Plant Health Care?

Plant Health Care (PHC) has been defined as the selection, integration and implementation of pest control, and the fundamental principal of PHC is that the entire landscape is a managed unit and should be viewed as an ecosystem. Successful PHC programs require an arborist who has the skill set and the passion to service your landscape with the greatest of care and safety. There are several components that must be implemented for any PHC program to be effective. Knowing the key plants within the landscape is one of the first steps to a healthy program. The knowledge of ongoing pest threats, as well as the new ones, in our region is also vital. Monitoring (scouting) is very important because it allows for a regular inspection of the plants to detect damaging insects, diseases, when to fertilize and/or treatment needs.

Monitoring your ecosystem is KEY to insure your surroundings are as healthy as possible. At Branch Tree & Landscape Service, we call our monitoring services ”Scout and Treat”. A visual inspection by one of our certified arborists is perhaps one of the greatest values and services we can offer our clients when it comes to caring for their trees and shrubs. If we can catch an outbreak or discover a need before it destroys their landscape then we are offering our clients real value. When the threat has been removed or controlled, our clients save time and financial resources that would have otherwise been needed to remove and replace the now dead trees and/or shrubs.

One of the final components to a successful PHC service program is call an evaluation plan. We call this component our “PHC Review”. For every customer who indicates us as their Arborist service provider, we strive to make at least one (often time more) review per year. This evaluation allows us to determine, predict, forecast and suggest services that will help keep your landscape healthy the following year. Although these evaluation plans are not an exact science they are currently and still the best method of caring for your trees, shrubs and plants.