trellis rust

Trellis Rust

Trellis Rust is becoming a plant disease epidemic in pear trees. Currently, it is limited to the southeastern portion of Michigan but due to its […]

needle cast

Needle Cast

Rhizosphaera needle cast is a disease which causes premature death and casting of the needles of conifers. Blue spruce sustains the greatest damage, though the […]

plant diseases

Plant Diseases

Fungal, Viral or Bacterial Disease is defined as “suboptimal plant growth brought about by a continuous irritant, such as a pathogen (an organism capable of […]



Cankers are localized dead areas of bark in trees and shrubs caused by fungi and bacterial infection. Canker pathogens can cause branches and twigs to […]

tar spots

Tar Spots

Tar spots are one of the most common fungal infections of maple trees in our area. Like most leaf affecting fungus, it all starts in […]

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is an extremely devastating and costly disease. It is an exotic, invasive and lethal disease of oak trees. It creeps from the top […]