winter burn evergreens

Winter Burn Evergreens

Evergreens are prone to the damaging effects of winter burn. Leaves and needles can dry out (desiccate) from wind or lack of moisture in the […]

Snow, Ice and Trees

The trees in your yard are your pride and joy, the centerpiece of all your summer landscaping efforts. Now, after the one-two punch of thick snow […]

fall horticultural oil treatments

Fall Horticultural Oil Treatments

Autumn is an excellent time to apply horticultural oil. The oil smothers many soft-bodied insects and hard-shelled scales that are impenetrable to many insecticides, and […]

watering trees

Watering Trees

YOUR TREES ARE THIRSTY This Fall, temperatures have been warmer than usual, the rain sparse and your trees and shrubs are suffering. They are thirsty […]

fireworks and trees

Fireworks and Trees

It’s that time of year, when families gather to celebrate Independence Day with food and fireworks. Some enjoy displays put on by their town, and […]



Arborvitae require more TLC than what you might think. There are several species of arborvitae used in our Michigan landscapes. Mission, green giant, globe, upright, […]

benefits of trees

Benefits of Trees

Most trees and shrubs in Michigan communities are planted to provide beauty and shade, but there are many benefits beyond that. • Trees combat climate […]

soil test

Soil Test

Although trees are a dominant fixture in your landscape, they share the stage with grass, shrubs and plants. All of these have one resource in […]

use mowers carefully around trees

Use Mowers Carefully Around Your Trees

Use mowers and string trimmers carefully around your trees and shrubs. Routine lawn care can cause high-impact damage to the protective bark of trees and […]

Weak Branches and Limbs

Even healthy trees can have structural weakness needing some degree of supplemental, physical support to help reduce the risk of failure of the crown or […]