Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization to Feed Your Trees

Trees and Shrubs Can’t Feed Themselves

In the woods, trees and shrubs naturally thrive and receive their food through nature’s method of organic fertilization. Layers of decomposing leaves, needles and twigs soak through the ground to create a natural food supply in the rich, organic forest soil. In our landscapes, trees are forced to compete with lawns, plants and other unnatural elements. We also remove fallen leaves and other organic matter that are great sources for natural organic fertilization that would have helped them thrive.

Why do you fertilize your lawn? To make it healthy, green and full. The same goes for trees and shrubs. They require nutrients for healthy growth, productivity and to increase their resistance to insects and diseases. Tree fertilization can also help your trees expand their root systems for better anchorage and overall vitality.

When we fertilize your trees and shrubs we are replenishing the necessary nutrients that are missing in the soil.