Insect and Disease Management

Michigan is plagued by many types of insects and diseases that if left untreated can and will devastate the trees and shrubs within your landscape. It is also important to remember that some insects are beneficial rather than destructive – helping with pollination or act as predators of more harmful species. Therefore, killing all insects without regard to their kind and function can actually be detrimental to the tree’s health.

A great example of plant health care is insect and disease management. When left unchecked, insects and diseases can quickly turn your trees and shrubs into liabilities. Proactive monitoring by an arborist and the homeowner goes a long way towards early detection. Once our arborist has diagnosed the problem, we can provide recommendations for care to help restore your trees and shrubs back to good health.

No standard price can be given until we provide an inspection because all of our recommendations are individually designed to fit your needs.

Visual Inspection Review: No appointment. One of our certified arborists will do a visual inspection within five to seven business days and email you a report of the findings and recommendations for care. A fee may be assessed for this service.

Visual Inspection Consultation: If you wish to be there and talk with our certified arborist while they are doing the visual inspection, you can set up an appointment for a consultation. A report of the findings and recommendations for care will be emailed to you. A fee may be assessed for this service.


This closed injection system injects plant protectants directly into a tree’s trunk, providing an environmentally friendly method for treating pests.