Organic Lawn Fertilizer Service

5 Step Lawn Treatment Program

Weed ‘n feed herbicide combos are the most frequently used products to make lawns weed free and green. These overpowered chemicals actually weaken turf, causing fast unnatural growth that is more susceptible to pest and disease.┬áBe cautious of these products. Herbicides are products designed to kill undesirable weeds, however, misapplied herbicides can cause injury to desirable landscape plantings including trees.

You can have a healthy, beautiful lawn without using these lawn care products. Branch Tree Service believes that you and your family should be able to safely enjoy your lawn without the fear of tracking harmful chemicals into your home. Building a healthy lawn is the best way to choke out weeds, and lawns that are maintained properly will make your grass greener and our environment healthier. We offer a complete organic lawn fertilizer service program. A new level of care for both your grass and our environment.

March – April

Pre-emergent crab grass and fertilizer application.


Organic-based fertilizer treatment with post emergent SPOT weed treatment.


Summer organic fertilizer with enhance 3% FE iron and SPOT weed control.

August – September

General purpose nutraline organic-based fertilizer treatment.


Fall organic-based root builder fertilizer treatment.