Tree Removal

When is Tree Removal Necessary

If you’re unsure of the proper course of action, one of our certified arborists can help you decide whether a tree should be removed or not. Many trees are an investment, and we provide services to keep them healthy but it may be the wisest choice to make even though it might be the last choice you’d prefer.

Tree removal is recommended if:
• Tree is dead or dying
• Tree is irreparably hazardous
• Tree is causing an obstruction that pruning cannot correct
• Tree is crowding or harming other trees
• Tree is to be replaced by a most suitable specimen
• Tree needs to be removed to allow new construction
• Tree is diseased beyond repair

With the proper equipment and our experienced staff, you can count on us to successfully perform your tree removal. We can remove your tree flush to the ground, as low as the chainsaw can go, or completely remove the stump with our stump grinding service. Branch Tree Service cleans up all debris and strives to minimize the impact to the surrounding landscape. Tree removal is the most hazardous aspect of arboriculture and many tree removals are complex and mistakes are costly. Please make sure the arborist you choose is qualified.

Tree removals flush to the ground

tree removal

Tree removal with stump grinding service