trellis rust

Trellis Rust

Trellis Rust is becoming a plant disease epidemic in pear trees. Currently, it is limited to the southeastern portion of Michigan but due to its tendency to spread great distances by wind dispersal of spores and infected plant material, it is only a matter of time before it spreads though out the state.

Evidence of Trellis Rust starts out with yellow to orange leaf lesions on pear leaves in summer after a spring infection. Severely infected leaves may die. Trellis Rust may also show up as orange rust galls on Junipers in the early spring.

This disease can also attack pear twigs, causing them to be killed. Twig cankers formed in previous years may girdle the pear twigs leading to the decline of the tree to such an extent that the trees may be considered nonviable. This disease is so severe that trees often need to be removed.

The good news, Trellis Rust can be managed. Contact us to see which solution may work best for your pear tree.

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