watering your lawn

Watering Your Lawn

Lawns need a certain amount of water to look and stay healthy. Using too much or too little water can create problems. Lawns usually require 1/10 of an inch of water per day – light, frequent applications. They do not require multiple water applications a day. It doesn’t make a difference whether the water falls from the sky or comes out of a sprinkler.

It is best to water your lawn during daylight hours. In spring and fall, noon is the recommended time. For mid summer, when it is hotter out, around 4:oo pm is suggested. Avoid watering in the evening because it extends the time that lawns remain wet through the night. This can encourage certain fungal diseases to become active in your lawn.

During the summer months, lawn roots are naturally shorter and applying too much water can waste water. The water simply moves past the root zone of the grass which is where the water is needed.

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